Trendline Announces its My Financial Planner 24/7 Program

 Trendline Announces its new “My Financial Planner 24/7 Program” for  average people who cannot afford expensive financial advice.

Do you consider yourself:

-          An average family, maybe have some kids or plan to eventually

-          may have a house or hope to someday

-          get the bills paid but nothing left to go to savings

-          credit cards piling up but we are still surviving

-          I get most of my financial advice by asking family members, friends or coworkers

-          I honestly have nowhere to turn when I have a financial issue or question

My name is Peter Owen and I started Trendline Financial Solutions to assist ordinary middle class people with their everyday financial issues. WHY? Because the majority of  financial practitioners want to either manage the assets of the rich and get nice management fees, or they want to sell you some product ie a Front- Load mutual fund or insurance policy. Who is there to help ordinary people with their financial questions and problems? I set up as a Fee Only financial planner and , yes, I do normal comprehensive financial planning and investment management. However, I have found that most middle class people do not require comprehensive Planning, that their financial situations are relatively simple – surviving with little left over, probably have a company or union pension, manage to take a vacation every 2 years. What they really need is a person who they can call when they have a question or a new problem due to a change in their lives, maybe help with setting up a budget, getting a second opinion about some guy trying to sell them a financial product, where to find an accountant or attorney, basically someone who is always there to help when needed.

For this reason,  Trendline has started a program whereby you can call me as many times as you need to, 24/7 , to ask a financial question. Some of my associates have said I am crazy, that people will be calling every day. Maybe, and I realize some people may call every day just because they can. But I expect that most people truly want someone there when needed, some may never call but are still comforted by knowing someone is there just in case.

Cost : $30 per month charged to your major credit card, plus an initial one hour session costing $180  to get all necessary information about your finances and family situation/desires, so that I can be prepared when you call with a question.

Questions that require more research or work will revert back to our normal $180 hourly charge.

Call or email for a free introductory meeting to discuss your needs.


Peter B. Owen

1675 Cedar Beach Road, Southold, NY 11971

223 Parker Avenue, West Hempstead, NY 11552

21 West Mill Drive, Great Neck, NY 11021

Phone: (516)317-2860

Email: info@trendlinefinancialsolutions————–

Website :

Trendline Financial  Solutions is a Financial Planner Firm offering Financial Planning and Investment Management with offices in Southold, Great Neck  and West Hempstead, NY, convenient to Garden City, Rockville Centre






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