Divorce Websites

Domestic Violence:

Below are state specific resources for anyone who has or is now experiencing domestic violence. Other information about domestic violence can be found at Marital Problems And Domestic Violence.

 Below sites taken from About.com for your convenience in getting necessary help in NY State.


Divorce Attorney:

Word of mouth and a reference from someone who has been through a divorce is the best method to use when in need of a divorce attorney. If that isn’t possible, the link below takes you to a website that allows you to search for divorce attorneys in your area. You will also find legal information and a forum where attorneys respond to legal questions.



Family Law Resources:

Below are links to state divorce laws, child custody calculators and other legal resources that will be helpful in protecting your legal rights during the divorce process.


  1. New York Divorce Laws
  2. New York Child Support Guidelines
  3. New York Child Support Calculator
  4. New York Child Support Enforcement 


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