January 2010 Trendline Financial Monthly

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Trendline Financial Monthly
  January 2010

Hi Everyone
I hope you had a pleasant holiday season and are looking forward to 2010 with optimism and personal resolve to achieve your goals.
Hopefully, you have you taken some time to review your investment allocations for the coming months, and especially resisted the temptation to keep all your investable assets in money market accounts or bond funds. While this is a natural temptation given the markets in 2008 and half of 2009, it is not the right course of action for the long term investor.
Also, take note of the 2010 opportunity to convert Traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs – see “Retirement Issues to watch in 2010″ article. While each situation is different, this year is the time to consider the move given the elimination in Income Limits.
As always, give us a call if you need help with any financial issue. Also consider signing up for our My Financial Planner program.
Peter Owen

Moving Forward Financially After Divorce
After a divorce, you have a unique opportunity to revisit your financial plan. Making sure your finances are on track will help you put the past behind you, and provide a foundation for the future.
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ARMed and Dangerous?
Remember how adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) were all the rage when the housing market was a boom town? Well, now that the housing market looks more like a ghost town, are ARMs still a good idea, or is being ARMed a dangerous place to be?
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Retirement Issues to Watch in 2010
Recent years have seen a flurry of legislation impacting retirement plans. Here are some of the more significant changes that take effect in 2010.
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Ask the Experts: What can affect the cost of homeowners insurance?
There are many factors that can affect the cost of homeowners insurance. Here’s a description of some of the more common factors.
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Ask the Experts: How can I reduce the cost of my homeowners insurance?
You may not have control over all of the factors that affect the cost of your homeowners insurance. But there may be some things you can do to save some money.
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