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November 2009
Hi Everyone,

As we come into Holiday season, this is the time to give some thought to any financial items
that need addressing before year end. This could be rebalancing your portfolio, making the
benefit elections thru your company, considering what actions I can take to get additional tax
deductions.Also consider signing up for our My Financial Planner 24/7 program which
is an easy and cheap way to always have finnancial advice close by whenever you need it.

Peter Owen

My Financial Planner 24 -7 Program
Do you consider yourself: An average family, have some kids or plan to AND may have a house or hope to AND get the bills paid but nothing left to go to savings And credit cards piling up AND I get most of my financial advice by asking family members, friends or coworkers AND ESPECIALLY, I honestly have nowhere to turn when I have a financial issue or question
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What to Do When Layoffs Loom
Getting laid off sometimes seems to be inevitable, but short of going out of business, employers usually keep employees who are most valuable and productive. Here are some things you can do to increase your value to your employer and enhance your prospects of avoiding that next round of layoffs.
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Health Insurance Options After a Job Loss
It’s hard enough facing the financial and emotional trauma of losing your job. One of the issues you may confront is the loss of your employer-provided health insurance as well. While there may not be a simple solution to your health insurance dilemma, you should understand your options.
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Ask the Experts: Can I change investments in my 529 plan account?
The short answer is yes. But the rules for doing so depend on whether the change is for future contributions or existing contributions.
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Ask the Experts: I am a conservative investor. Is a 529 plan a good way to save for college?
With the market turmoil of the past year, many states have expanded the conservative investment options in their 529 college savings plans as more families look to protect their college savings from financial risk.
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