Overview of Services

Are you prepared for retirement?
Are you confident that your family will be provided for if something happens to you?
Are you thinking about how to pay for your children’s college education?
Are you concerned about what will happen if you lose your job?

When your financial security is at stake, you need professional advice you can trust. You need a qualified advisor who works for you, and not someone who is paid to sell a financial product. You need a reliable, ongoing relationship with a firm that is committed to putting your interests first, and that will provide you with the peace of mind that you have planned prudently for your financial future. We have the expertise to address virtually all aspects of your financial goals and aspirations. We work closely with you not only to develop personalized financial plans to achieve your unique goals, but also to help you manage your investment assets in ways that reduce the risks associated with achieving those goals.

A Comprehensive Approach to Your Family’s Financial Health

Trendline Financial Solutions was established to provide this independent, professional advice on Long Island, serving both Nassau County and Suffolk County. We offer:

  • Cash flow management: We will develop cash flow models in which short and long term expenditures are anticipated and appropriately funded.
  • Insurance Planning: We will analyze your current personal and employer provided insurance coverage, as well as your capital needs to determine the optimal level of life and disability insurance. This includes an analysis of property/casualty coverage including homeowner’s, auto, and umbrella liability contracts.
  • Retirement Planning: We will review you current retirement plans to maximize accumulations while minimizing taxes on distributions. We will analyze whether you are on track for your targeted financial independence goals.
  • Tax Planning: We can proactively plan financial transactions to minimize current and future tax liabilities.
  • Ongoing Investment Management: We will analyze your current portfolio to ensure that the mix of asset is consistent with your objectives. We evaluate your risk tolerance as well as present and future income needs to determine appropriate anticipated yields and relevant tax strategies. We will suggest a specific asset allocation to adjust your portfolio and assist in implementing your investments. We will monitor and review portfolios ongoing to ensure you meet your investment objectives.
  • Estate Planning: In addition to reviewing wills and trusts to make specific planning suggestions, we will help you develop an estate plan that considers both dispositive and saving objectives.
  • Employee Benefit Coordination: We will review your company provided benefits and seek ways to enhance their value to you and to coordinate these benefits with personal insurance and investment and tax planning.
  • Educational Funding: We will address any issues you have related to educational funding. We will assist you in implementing strategies for a savings plan and assist in dealing with the financial aid process if appropriate.


Each of these services may be ongoing engagements as Comprehensive Financial Planning and/or Ongoing Investment Management, or simply one-time discussions. Your needs will dictate how we proceed together.

These services are provided on a Fee-Only basis. This means we receive no commissions for our financial advice or products we recommend, rather we are paid solely by the fees we charge our clients. We may, however, receive certain referral fees from a broker for referring a client who needs insurance products.

Trendline Financial Ssolutions services clients in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens counties on Long Island, New York. We are an independent, fee-only financial planning firm and a Registered Investment Advisor in New York State.

To learn more about Trendline Financial Solutions, please visit the other pages on this website. To discuss our services, or to schedule a complimentary initial consultation, please email via the Contact Page or contact Peter Owen at (516) 317-2860.

Trendline Financial  Solutions is a Financial Planner Firm offering Long Island Financial Advice and Investment Management with offices in both Nassau County and Suffolk County, in Southold, Great Neck and West Hempstead, NY