Investment Management

Trendline Financial Solutions provides ongoing investment management services as well as investment consultation.

We assist you in establishing an account at a well known custodian/investment Brokerage firm and have limited authority to view the account. We cannot trade any securities(unless you wish to have us execute desired trades),  nor can we withdraw any funds. We never take custody of client assets, nor do we have full power of attorney over our client’s accounts.  As such, you always have complete control of your assets. We serve as a fiduciary advisor on every client account, meaning we will always do what is in the best interest of the client.

We do not sell product, nor do we receive any type of compensation from any firm, including your custodian.  This relationship simply allows us to track your investment accounts on a daily basis and provides you with increased privacy and security.

Our Approach

 Our primary goal as your investment Advisor is to select investments that will maximize your expected return with the least amount of risk consistent with achieving your stated objectives. In suggesting the investment selections in your portfolio we take into consideration your risk tolerance, tax sensitivity, investment horizon, investment costs, cash withdrawals from your portfolio, and other individual factors.  We strive to achieve preservation of principle, capital growth and inflation protection for our client portfolios. We educate you about the investments so you understand how your investments are performing.

Selection of Investments

We do not believe that anyone can consistently outsmart the market. This belief is backed by research that suggests that market timing only accounts for 2% of a portfolio’s returns. Because of this, our portfolios are designed for long term investors. This, however, does not imply that your portfolio will remain static. Economic conditions and other special circumstances may warrant a modification of your portfolio and more tactical approaches to your asset allocation. We endorse a “buy and review” approach.  In these events we will contact you to discuss a new strategy or investment opportunity.

We employ the use of no-load funds and ETF’s  (meaning, no sales commissions to the advisor and no upfront expense charges).  Our search criteria factors things like fund costs, tax sensitivity (where appropriate), number of stock or bond holdings, fund construction and fundamental analysis, industry exposure, volatility, and more.

Asset Allocation

94% of a portfolio’s return can be traced back to the asset allocation or investment policy statement. Depending on your individual goals, risk tolerance and other factors, your portfolio may consist of funds or ETFs which contain equities, bonds, cash, and alternative asset classes.

Reports and Other Services

Aside from the ongoing review and monitoring of your investments, Trendline Financial Solutions provides you with:

  • Monthly Market Updates
  • Quarterly Performance Reports (Time Weighted and IRR)
  • Quarterly Account Holdings Reports
  • Ongoing conversations with you
  • End of Year Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Account Rebalancing
  • Ongoing Account Reviews
  • Financial Planning Guidance


For ongoing investment management services, Trendline Financial Solutions charges the following tiered schedule of fees. Fees are charged quarterly.

Investment Advisory – Fund analysis, selection and assistance in set up, ongoing monitoring, quarterly reviews, and 24 / 7 access to our services.

  • $500 (if Account assets are under $200,000)  plus.
  • Assets of $0 – $500,000: 1.00%
  • Assets of $500,001 – $2,000,000: 0.75%
  • Assets Over $2,000,000: 0.50%

Fees are assessed and billed at the end of each quarter according to this schedule.

Fees can be negotiated based on specific criteria (i.e. anticipated future additional assets, dollar amount of assets to be managed, related accounts, etc.).


Trendline Financial  Solutions is a Financial Planner Firm offering Financial Planning and Investment Management with offices in Southold, Great Neck and West Hempstead, NY